Wine and Spirits Premium Packaging

Our brand and uncompromising quality will let you rise to a higher class of product presentation.

Material & Finishing

Menu Book

Choosing a menu of food or drink is crucial in a restaurant experience. With the right design and quality finishing, the customer will able to enjoy and felt the best experience going through your restaurant or café menus.

Material & Finishing

Menu Boards

The modern style of menu in a restaurant or café is using a board for the menu. While you could easily change or replace the menu sheets, the customer could also see each menu item in a new unique kind of way.

Material & Finishing

Check Presenter

While paying your bill is a must, you could let your customer to pay it in a more stylish way. With wide range or material and finishing, Susan could customize your check presenter to match your brand design.

Material & Finishing

Print Artwork (SPASIUM)

SPASIUM is an Indonesia-based online art gallery that is designed to help you in finding exclusive artworks for your interior, hotel, and commercial spaces. As one of the leading and the fastest growth of art platform, we offer licensed and ready-to-display artwork from selected Indonesian talents in the simplest way, vary from photography, painting, sculptures,and also wall art installation from metal, stone, brass or copper.