Photographer Site

For complete photographer products, Susan Pro has maintain their originality and their products quality for many years. Their product has been used by more than 1000 studios and profesional photographer globally.

Customize Box & Packaging

For creative designer and product designer, Susan provides various materials and finishing technique to cater your creative need. With expert production team and wide range of manufacturing tools, we could deliver small to large quantity production with high standard quality control and precise timing.

Material & Finishing

Presentation Tools

For designer and photographer, it is important to understand the customer or client needs, but on the other hand, high quality presentation determines the success of a presentation when presenting your portfolio of works. Create a high quality presentation tools with creative materials and finishing to impress your audience.

Material & Finishing

Print Artwork (SPASIUM)

SPASIUM is an Indonesia-based online art gallery that is designed to help you in finding exclusive artworks for your interior, hotel, and commercial spaces. As one of the leading and the fastest growth of art platform, we offer licensed and ready-to-display artwork from selected Indonesian talents in the simplest way, vary from photography, painting, sculptures,and also wall art installation from metal, stone, brass or copper.