Our company has been established for more than a decade striving as a creative partner in many industry disciplines from designer, artist, graphic house to professional photographer. We help them to produce high quality product for personal use or their business clients.

As we develop our company to be better, we’ve been expanding our production capacity and also make product/service more diverse. Starting from design and photography album, now Susan is also creating professional packaging for corporate, hotel, and also Food/Beverage business need.

Susan high quality finishing and production consistency have been proven locally as well as internationally. Our product and service have been used by clients from Indonesia and overseas, such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, USA, Europe, Canada, and many other countries.

We believed that if a beautiful design created by reliable craftsman, equipped with the right tools, using good materials, and controlled with high quality standard, will surely added more value to our client’s product/service.


To be a well-known manufacturer of exclusive packaging and paper-made product in local and international market.


Consistently producing outstanding product quality and delivering excellent service through:

  • Sustainable development of creative and innovative design production technique

  • Building professional human resources in all areas which can perform Timely, Precisely, Orderly and Responsibly

  • Putting effort in learning and striving to become better


Established in 1964, PT. Susan Photo Album Started its home industry business with only 4 workers. After several relocation to accommodate bigger demands, finally, PT. Susan Photo Albums stationed its manufacturer in Kawasan Industri Candi gatot Subroto Blok 27 No 8, Ngaliyan - Semarang. Now, the workers increase up to 300 people supported with some mass-production machines.

Years of experiences take very important role for us to develop hand crafting and packaging business. We pride ourselves in adhering to established new methods and techniques to ensure that our products meet the required standard and preference. From classical and flower motif as our designs as first, to minimalist, elegant and even customized orders at the present.

Today, we produce minimum a million pieces of exclusive packaging and photo album yearly to fulfill the domestic needs and some overseas markets, like: UEA, Australia, Japan, Singapore and some European Countries.

As a pioneer in this field, we try to maintain the highest quality of products which can clearly differentiate our products with others. We always keep this commitment because of our long-term vision in this business and ahead, to attain the worldwide markets.


As the second generation of PT SUSAN PHOTO ALBUM, Lio Adrian's serious involvement at PT SUSAN PHOTO ALBUM started in 2002

By becoming the director of PT SUSAN PHOTO ALBUM. A graduate of LaSalle Collage International, Lio introduces more creative and innovative products to the company by offering new ideas and divisions in the company.

One of his revolutionary innovations, Susan+Pro, is the pioneer of photo album for professionals in Indonesia. Since then, Lio continues to offer new innovations such as corporate packaging, online photobook, printed art work, all are well received by public. His courageous and revolutionary actions has made Susan Photo Album worldly known.